The renovation of the 2nd floor of the historic Buhl Building for the Detroit headquarters of the Turner Construction Company offered great opportunities as well as challenges for KDG. KDG was engaged to design a modern, functional 12,000-square-foot office that would be representational of Turner’s leading role in the field. KDG’s space planning and interior design skills were challenged in creating a space that encompassed four departments, yet was clear and easy to understand by visiting specialists. In response to the diverse program, the plan was subdivided through a series of nodes to help orient visitors within the space. The new office was also an opportunity to showcase the abilities of Turner Construction as they undertook the build out of the space themselves. The complex forms of the nodes as well as the exposed structural and framing members denote the quality and care taken in the construction. KDG sought to provide a space that not only compliments, but enhances, the identity of Turner Construction Company.