The “regeneration” of the penthouse of this historic building into a private residential loft was a joint effort in detailed design expertise and construction ingenuity. Starting with a bare palette and a large, voluminous space, the client wanted functional living space that allowed for work as well as entertaining, but with a sophisticated and contemporary feel that was juxtaposed against the original features of the building. The solution was to keep minimal space for the two bedrooms and leave the majority of the loft as living space.

From the time a guest gets off the elevator and sees the cherry veneer-clad curved wall, marble floor and 22-foot ceiling, walks down the hallway with the built in book shelves, and into the living room with the wood floor and 12-foot windows, custom fireplace unit and custom entertainment center, it is obvious that the client was serious about his desire to have beautiful, simple materials accompany the clean, crisp living space and have all of that complement the existing assets of the space itself. The original brick walls, windows and the skylights were updated to complete the renovation of the building itself. This loft is one fine example of how new and old are intertwined to create a masterful outcome that fills the desire to have a contemporary space in an historic building.