Having worked with NTH Consultants, LTD on other projects in the past, Kraemer Design Group was presented with the challenge of relocating their engineering facilities from its former location in Farmington Hills, MI to its new location in Northville, MI. The 38,000-square-foot office space is a renovation of an existing multi-tenant, two-story office building. KDG worked closely with staff to develop a complex program of various departments and required adjacencies and a space that would accommodate 150 employees.

With the client’s values in mind, KDG incorporated many environmentally conscious features into the project. Private offices are located at the center of the floor plan to allow for maximum penetration of natural light into the open office areas. By adding glazed doors with side lights to the private offices, the natural light is then permitted to enter into these spaces as well. Occupancy sensors for the lighting have also been added throughout the space to allow for further energy savings. In addition to the lighting, the project utilizes low VOC paints and 100% recycled carpet backing.

Aesthetically, the KDG design team was inspired by the client’s area of geotechnical and environmental expertise. The carpet patterns and corresponding series of ceiling soffits loosely resemble a flowing river and pebbles. Likewise, the pilasters, accented with LED lights and orthogonal reveal patterns, accentuate the building’s structural grid.