KDG partnered with an in-house design team to create a whole new type of shopping experience for Detroiters inside the 4,000-square foot retail space for high-end menswear fashion designer, John Varvatos. Varvatos, a Detroit-native, opened his store at 1500 Woodward Avenue in what was originally a piano store called Schwankovsky Temple of Music in the 1800’s and then became the Wright Kay Jewelers building. The building has undergone multiple renovations in the last two centuries, specifically to shrink the window size from what is appropriate for piano viewing to jewelry viewing, creating a façade almost entirely covered in granite. KDG was able to remove that façade and expose the original cast iron columns, as well as expose and enhance many other unique features of the building. We are continuing to leverage our design expertise to cultivate inspiring spaces that enhance the operations of new business.