Google’s downtown Birmingham, MI facility features 20’ tall ceilings and 17,000-square-feet of floor space including a mezzanine. The space includes an open office area, private office, conference rooms, video conferencing spaces, an in-house dining facility, a cafe, and a game room for relieving stress. After a quick game of Ping-Pong, employees can take a ride down the custom designed indoor tube slide to quickly get back to their workstations. Concentrating on advertising sales for the “Big Three,” the design of the office took on an appropriate automotive theme. With 18’ tall, black and white graphics of classic automobiles, and exposed duct work to mimic the underside of an automobile, the space has become a truly unique addition to the Google family of offices. In addition to the office space, Google has created the NOW cafe. This 2,000-square-foot retail space provides free wireless Internet, large LCD TV screens, and plenty of coffee to support the surrounding community.