The Burger|Bar, is a casual dining concept that IHG first launched at Holiday Inn Atlanta Airport South. The dining experience is adjacent to the lobby of the hotel but possess an atmosphere that is unique to the Burger|Bar concept. It is a lively, interactive, casual eating and drinking experience.

The Burger|Bar consists of three main zones in which guests can interact in. The centrally located bar is designed to be social giving patrons an opportunity to mingle and try the menu highlights including any of the many beers on tap. Outside of the bar seating begins the dining area. It wraps around the square shaped bar and discreetly hides the buffet that leads to the kitchen. The bar transforms during the daytime as the chalkboard menus slide down the central tower to conceal the alcohol. The dining experience sprawls into the community dining, another segment of the interactive entertainment. The community dining offers visibility to several TVs, plug ‘n’ play connectivity through the large live edge wood table top, and gourmet coffee drinks at their fingertips via the coffee experience. Whatever section of the Burger|Bar one may find themselves; they will have access to technology, conversation, and good food and drink.

The décor package for the Burger|Bar celebrates the feel of rustic chic that emphasizes the casualness of the dining. Through the use of reclaimed wood, raw metal details, and soft leather-like upholstery; comfort is promoted in the space while the use of marble- like stone, bright red hardware, and mosaic tiles dress up the space. The overall use of these materials creates an atmosphere that defines refined authenticity.