The Baronette Renaissance Hotel services mostly international business travelers seeking a high quality place to stay near their destination. The Renaissance collection of hotels are each unique while offering a “boutique ambience” for each of its seasoned guests with luxurious comfort. The hotel’s owners engaged KDG to help them turn the 1980’s business hotel into a four-star, four-diamond facility with up-to-date finishes, furniture, and amenities.* Additionally KDG has completed a feasibility study to determine how to provide more character and luxury to the rather bland and only functional exterior.

An addition on the west side of the building was proposed to enhance the experience of the property while providing a more elegant and commanding entrance to Novi road and the surrounding properties. Enhanced entrance canopies, a more functional and professional lobby and enlarged banquet and meeting room facilities were also studied in the project. Custom furniture was also designed by KDG, so as to provide the hotel with a design that was unique, contemporary and continuous throughout the facility. Low platform beds, deep soaking tubs and a breadth of technology all provide the guests with a high level of sophistication and comfort expected in a four-star property. Every detail in the Hotel was studied and designed to provide a truly unique experience with modern convenience.

*The project was in collaboration with d-ash Design and Marriott Design Services.